Extra Testimonials

Here are some extra testimonials that just wouldn't fit on the main page:

"I have to go step by step learning all the processes of building repeatedly. The ebook goes over the points you need.

For the beginners it is a very good first step to start with. You can't get better comprehensive information like this with the pictures, general information and tutorial for the price I paid for. I will recommend it to everyman seriously interested to build their first own computer."

Tibor Intribus

"I did use your book to understand how to upgrade the one I already own.

I learned a lot about the internal parts of the computer and it was very useful in upgrading my current pc.

This book is a necessary tool if you want to maintain a computer that runs well. Even though I have not built a computer the information in the book was useful to me in maintaining the computer I already have. I think that now that I have worked on my old model, I am more ready to build a new one using this book. I recommend it highly."

Ifama Jackson, US

"As far as I'm concerned, your book really spells it out, and so long as care is taken while handling the components, everything should go as planned.

Managed to install a Secondary Master HD in my current computer with no probs at all. Not even any bother with jumper settings, because you explained really clearly how to do this with the minimum of fuss.

Excellent book! But take care to walk before you think about running!

By that I mean: read the book over several times so that you have a really clear idea of how you are going to achieve your aim of building a computer."

James Masson, UK

"I'm hoping in the future to build my first computer with your ebook, keep up the good work robert, & I'll keep in touch.

I remember when I first bought your ebook, although I did not get a chance to build my first computer yet, I bought your ebook because I thought it was well put together and very informative, and can't wait to get started on my first computer.

If you looking for a great ebook to build your own computer from start to finish, Robert Blackstone is the man who can & will help you acheive your goals."

Bonnie, Canada

"The material is certainly not hard to follow, I just wish I knew more about computers.

The tutorial is very good explaining components and the installation of them.

Even though I have not built my computer as yet I feel with the info in the tutorial I will not have a problem building one. Thank You"

Richard Kinney, Canada

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